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updated: 5/19/2015

Rabbi Motel Twersky, son of R. Dovid'l Tolner

Rabbi Motel Twersky was the only son of R. Dovid of Tolna to survive infancy. He was born in 1854 in the town of Vosylkov and was named after his grandfather Rabbi Mordechai of Chernoble.

R. Motel married Yocheved Guterman the granddaughter of R. Moshe Tzvi of Savaran at the age of 14. During his short life he and his wife lost ten children except for one son, R. Menachem Nochum, who would later become the second rebbe of Tolna.

Around the age of 30 R. Motel became sick was was advised by doctors to travel to Italy. Perhaps the fresh air would help him to recover. However the Russian government prohibited any member of the Twersky family to travel outside the country fot feat that they would start a revolution. Not being allowed the proper treatment R. Motel died in 1977, five years before his father's death.

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  1. If you say that R. Motel was born in 1854 and he died at the age of 30, then he would have died in 1884. But then you say that he died around the age of 30, and you mention the year 1977. That sounds way off course.

    It would seem to me, therefore, that he was born in 1847 and he died in 1877. His father died in 1882, five years after 1877.