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updated: 5/19/2015

Rabbi Norman Twersky, Rabbi of Cong. Beth Shalom of Rego Park

Rabbi Norman Twersky was the son of R. Meshulem Twersky, Tolna Rebbe of Boston. He served as rabbi of Congregation Beth Shalom in Rego Park, Queens, NY.

Cong. Beth Shalom, Rego Park, NY:

Address of Shul (building not existent anymore)

Beth Sholom of Rego Park Congregation
55-36 97th Street
Corona, NY 11368


  1. He was my uncle, brother of my father Moshe Zvi ben Meshulem Zushe. I loved him so much.

  2. He was our Rabbi in San Francisco. The older I get the more I appreciate what he did for me personally and the caring and love he showed me as a young man.He was always there for my mother and father who were survivors and he helped them any way possible .May his memory be a blessing for all of us. ST

  3. He was my moreh d'asra at Beth Shalom, my mesader kedushin and my friend. A fine man, from whom I learned much. I miss him.